Thursday, 5 May 2016


In this post you will find an overview of all the posts and vlogs I have made about behaviour. I hope you will find our learnings and parenting ideas helpful.

Adoption: Why Does My Child Steal Food?

In this vlog I’m sharing some of our thoughts and how we are managing this. I also asked my son why this is going on, to get an insight and understanding. Read More.

Adoption: Journey of Diagnoses

When we adopted our children almost 6 years ago, we didn't understand to what extent their early years would affect them later in their lives. We received detailed reports of their background and current behaviour, but it was hard to read between the lines. Read More.

Two steps forward one step back

Sometimes this can feel more like one step forward two steps back. I believe most adopted parents can feel like this in periods and also sometimes not be able to see the “light in the tunnel”. Read More.

How to Stop Your Child Swearing

Since we adopted our three children in 2010 we have tried and tested different reward charts, in addition to our firm boundaries and structures that are in place. Behaviour has been our main concern from the start and is a key point in our parenting. Read More. 

The Beauty of Repair

Earlier my son was verbally abusive towards me after being triggered by his younger brother. I felt tired and empty just after, however now it feels awarding after we had a positive repair ! Read More.

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