Wednesday, 13 April 2016

The Magazine Advert of our Boys

We felt our lives were on hold after we were approved as adopters in November 2009. We couldn't wait for the phone call from our social worker about a potential match. We tried to continue our lives as normal, but were at the same time ready to prepare the bedrooms and the house as soon as we had a match with a child/children. After we were told that our local authority didn't have a match for us, we were recommended to start to look through magazines like "Be My Parent" and "Children Who Wait". As soon as the magazine arrived in the post, Phill and I would go through each and one of the profiles of the children - to see if we could find our match. It was very upsetting to see some of the sibling groups we had looked into the month before, had been split up in the next edition of the magazine.

Phill was home alone when the May 2010 edition of the magazine "Children Who Wait" arrived in the post. I can remember the day as it was yesterday. I was on business in Shanghai when Phill called me. He had seen a profile of a sibling group of three boys. We both were over excited and agreed to contact the children's social worker. Could this be the right match for us ?!

See my video blog below to take part in our adoption assessment and matching journey:

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