Monday, 4 April 2016

The First Time we met our Children

After two years going through the adoption process, the big day finally arrived when we were going to see our children for the first time. We had already prepared ourselves reading 100’s of pages of reports about the boys, their family history, the abuse and the neglect they were subjected too during their first years of their lives, pictures from the foster parents and seen a video of them playing in the park. We had started to have a vision of our new family.
Our three children were finally reunited after 2 years in different foster families, as our youngest son moved in with his two older brothers a couple of weeks before our introduction started.

We finally started on the 3 hours car journey from London to meet our children. The journey felt much longer, as we both couldn’t wait to see them for the first time. Lots of questions went through my mind as to how the boys would react when they met us for the first time. Finally we arrived and parked up outside the foster parent’s home. I can remember they had a front door with an opaque glass panel down on the right hand side. After ringing the door bell, I could hear the voice of one of the boys screaming “They are here!!!” and I saw a face looking through the glass panel. The door open and all three of the children were jumping up at us and shouts of joy. They dragged us in to the living room and wanted to introduce us to their different games and they already started to fight for the attention from both of us.
After the first play session and great welcome, we did take a picture together with the foster parents and our children. 
This has to be one of the biggest moments in my life and was the beginning of a long journey!!

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