Saturday, 2 April 2016

Our long walk into the woods

What a great start to the school holiday, 18 degrees and sunshine! We have just got home from a three hours walk into the woods. In addition to visit our picnic tree, we had some great fun on the swings, playing in the trees and feeding the ducks. A great way to spend some energy! The only downside is that the boys seems to have re-loaded quickly and are already full of energy shortly after getting home, while I'm only dreaming of having a cup of tea and relax in my comfy armchair!

Half-term can always be a challenge for most parents. Not only to get the time of work, but also to keep the children busy. Many adopted children find holidays hard as normally this comes with changes to their normal routine. What have worked for us is keeping more or less the same routine, so having meals at roughly the same time each day and keeping the same time for bedtime. 

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